About Us

The History

img-about01 Newsletter was originally founded in 2006 by a group of talented developers and online marketing gurus. From the start the primary focus has been to provide a simple, intuitive, comprehensive piece of software
capable of handling requirements ranging from one person start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

During research and development we found that many established services were complex, had chunky non-intuitive interfaces and did not have the ability to meet the multitude of requirements of modern e-marketing.

We’ve hung on to, and even expanded, our excellent team in order to maintain our own high standards and to adapt the Newsletter service to new technologies, hardware and requirements. We are also proud to have an eager, friendly and professional support team on call, waiting to assist, whatever your needs.

The Team

Newsletter Office Our offices are strategically located around the world including Europe, Asia and the Middle East and are fully equipped with the most modern system infrastructure.

Our talented team of designers, developers and system administrators ensure the Newsletter application is always friendly and functional.