With Newsletter mailing list manager, you can:

Infrastructure and Deliverabilty

The Newsletter system is in a constant process of optimisation. We are always expanding our ISP relations and on the lookout for new technology, proven best practices and monitoring services to ensure consistently smooth operation.

  • IP Addresses vs. Spam filtering

    To maintain a high deliverability rate, Newsletter has implemented a large IP address range which leads ultimately to greater inbox acceptance on the client side.

  • ISP Feedback Loops

    Newsletter maintains a close relationship with all major ISPs (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) which means that we receive notification of any subscriber who marks your message as Junk or Spam. Those subscribers are then added to your Do Not Send list. Other users of that ISP will continue to receive your correspondence as normal.

  • White Listing

    Due to the nature of the Internet and email marketing, the number of ISPs that maintain whitelists has dropped significantly over the years. However Newsletter has spent many hours researching and adding servers to as many whitelists as possible. This helps deliver your message to the subscriber with optimum speed, avoiding many lengthy Spam protection measures.

  • Deliverability Review

    Newsletter is pretty smart. Our system has been designed to maximise deliverability. To go that extra step, Newsletter has a dedicated review team which keeps an eye out for anything that might jeopardize deliverability of the Newsletter service. The review team contacts users deemed to be at risk and informs them about factors they need to address.

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